Up and Running on MYM for Windows 2.0a -- woohoo!!

I'm not familiar with the Windows version, but they would go here.
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Up and Running on MYM for Windows 2.0a -- woohoo!!

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After a 7 year hiatus I'm coming back to MYM Windows (or trying anyway). It is slim-pickings out in the marketplace for this sort of software today.

I "installed" successfully by simply copying the files over from an old backup copy.


1) Errors when making charts related to GSWDLL.DLL -- this was solved by copying this file and GSW.EXE (from C:\WINNT\System) from backup to the XP machine.

2) Getting "Unable to allocate memory" errors when opening charts, but they seem innocuous -- the charts still render as expected.

3) General Protection Faults (no Blue Screen of Death) when closing the app. Again, these don't appear to cause a problem, but I'm a little worried it indicates something that could corrupt the data as it is doing its exit process.

4) The big problem... combo boxes in the Account activity don't drop down at all. AutoComplete works, so at least if I know the Payee or Category needed then I can start typing it, but I can't click on the arrow to view the list at all. It is only in this spot though, combos in the rest of the application appear to be fine.

Any thoughts from anyone on the combo box problem?? Thanks!

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