Some intrepid MYM users have successfully run MYM under Vista and Windows 7.  In some cases, using the 64-bit versions of the Operating System.  For more information, visit the MYM Forum on this web site.


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These are files updating MYM or providing certain enhancements or replacements.  These were originally posted to the Compuserve Forums where they can still be found.  If your MYM has stopped working, look here first.



Here is our location for MYM newsletters originally published by MECA Software.  Please note that attempts to contact the copyright owner have failed.  However, Andrew Tobias has been contacted and as he was the primary contributor he retains rights to his works and has given us permission to reproduce his works separately from the rest of the newsletter.

As this is an extremely difficult task, we will simply be making available the entire newsletter in PDF form for you to download.

If the holding copyright owner contacts us, we will be happy to remove the content.  Our purpose is not to unjustly enrichen ourselves, but instead to make the resource available to anyone wishing access to the information which is no longer available from the publisher. does not require paid subscriptions and makes no money from any other sources in order to provide the available content, which is copyright it's respective owner.

The majority of these are scanned in Black & White, with some issues in color.  The color files are much larger.

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